Someone whe excessively craves attention and shows off or acts in an obnoxious, often annoying matter in order to gain attention.
Stop showing off, you're being such an attention whore.
by plokiju876 June 20, 2009
A person or animal who won't leave you alone and comes up to you when you are trying to work
Savannah Flowers, Sara's parents' dog, is such an attention whore. No matter where you go, she follows you. Whenever you're eating your lunch, tending her owners' garden, or feeding the hens grass, she will always bug you. She won't even protect the chickens which she loves so much.
by Karen Stickney August 20, 2006
that one girl in highschool who always trys to get the guys who have no interest in her, but still goes out of her way to make her obvious to him
'man, that kelsey chick is really an attention whore
by sue mi June 05, 2005
A female online who will say anything so she becomes the current discussion topic.
Eg: I have nudes. I will cyber. Look at me on webcam, I am naked.
by Chris January 19, 2004
A person who does retarded things for attention, she eats tampons, eats shit, says retarded shit, just to make people look at her. She post constantly on all social networking sites, and says crap about herself that no one cares about but she still manages to get a whole bunch of negative attention from people and positive attention from other Attention whores.
Guy 1: YOOOO you see that girl that keeps posting Lms and eats her own tampon?

Guy: YEAHHH BRO she's an attention whore
by aduujhsghsfuysy February 02, 2013
a stupid bitch who is so pitiful he/she has to do things to cause drama and/or draw attention to themself
Sabrina is such an attention whore. She started a dumbass rumor for no reason.
by boobies38D January 23, 2012
A pretty attention whore a girl who has to have all eyes on her, she probably uses her whole name on everything, she dresses as slutty as possible with her tits sticking out and half her ass showing.
Most of her friends are way less attractive than her she always wants the guys to compliment her instead of her friends.
She'll laugh really loud and flirt with every guy no matter how old.
She'll dance like a slut at random times

just to hear how great she is,
she shakes her ass from side to side when she walks
and always talks about her tits and ass,
like this shirt makes my tits look small,
or my ass doesn't look big enough in these
jeans,or so and so said I have nice tits,
or so and so said I have a hot ass.
She'll constantly flip her hair and put on lip gloss,
she'll have the w/e I can do what I want attitude, say the word "Like" all the time,overly explain things.
She'll constantly lie and cause shit just to draw attention to herself, she flirts with every guy that comes her way despite their age, she's a tease.
Attention whore: Omg, so like earlier I was like sitting with all the guys, and like I knocked into my milk it like spilled all down my shirt, I was wearing white, I mean like you could see right through my shirt, the guys were drooling like dogs, they all said they like my tits and that I have a sexy bra.
by Eli42 December 08, 2011

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