Giving someone a wedgie, then hooking the underwear on to their head.
I was walking down stairs to the kitchen, and i saw my little sister laying on the floor watching t.v. Her pink hello kitty panties were sticking out of her pants, so I yanked them up over her head,. She screamed really loudly, so I snapped them onto her head and into her mouth to gag her, giving her an atomic wedgie. Then I tickled her until she had peed herself
#atomic wedgie #panties #wedgie #pee #underwear
by yankedpanties January 17, 2014
A degrading prank performed by socially inept, infantile idiots who think it will make them seem more "manly" and who have no other skills to what they perceive as "impressing" people.

These fuckheads often lack foresight in realizing that their victims will never forget their actions and will one day get the revenge they deserve.
Dude, remember when Jimmy gave John an atomic wedgie back in high school, last I heard was Jimmy is in prison and John is doing well with a nice house and a smoking hot wife.

(other dude) Yeah, Jimmy was always such a dick! He though those pranks would make the girls like him. Stupid fuckin cock-smoker, all it did was make him look like an idiot. Damn, I hate idiots like him!

Yeah Man, karma's a bitch ain't it?
#tighty whitey #underwear #wedgie #bully #boxer briefs #biff
by Crisb1 August 28, 2015
a wedgie that goes over ur forehead and becomes almost impossible to get off unless u have a friend or ur underwear rip. so F---in painful.
ok, so this happened to me wen i was 8, so if anything seems young, thats why. i was with my friend sleeping over my house playing video games wen the bell rang, and we figured it was the pizza we ordered, so we get up and walk out the door when my 12 year old brother, who goes to our school, grabbed us and dragged us into the bathroom. in ther he stripped us down 2 our undies(spongebob 4 my friend and power rangers on me. he laughed at us, then gave us both swirlies and then gave us both double wedgies til he destroyed our undies at hed hight. he then forced us into my 6 year old bed wetting sisters training panties that are basically underwear, and dragged us outside wer he hung us from two seperate trees and glued bags of hot water to our hands and left. about 6 hours later he found us soaking wet and asleep. he took a ton of pictures, and posted them all over the school. then he took us down and pulled our undies thru our fenece and tied a tennis ball to keep us ther. about 4 hrs later we woke up with my mega-hot neighbor(and now girlfriend) standing over us. we were utterly humiliated, and i didnt talk to my brother til i gave him an atomic wedgie him in front of his girl. ;)
#pantsed #double wedgie #atomic wedgie #swirlies #panties
by wedgie warrior January 26, 2013
when someone pulls your underwear up so high and put it on their heads
someone gave me a atomic wedgie and my underwear riped
#wedgie #hanging wedgie #melvin #cosmic wedgie #mega wedgie
by wedgiekingmcp July 10, 2008
When the underwear are pulled up high enough so the arms can go through the leg holes like tank top...
Sweet, Fruit of the Loom brown streaked tank top you're wearing dude....Is that an Atomic Wedgie?
#underwear #atomic #wedgie #leg #holes
by SJEBDC September 21, 2006
A wedgie that makes ur ass bleed and hurts like hell.
I gave that pussy brady a atomic wedgie and he started to cry.
by cartman5000 July 25, 2004
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