When someone pulls your(tighty whities, briefs, boxer briefs, or boxers) up and over your head! Creates pain in both the ass and balls! This is why the atomic wedgie is so popular among wedgies.
How to perform an atomic wedgie:
1- Make sure the nerd!you chose is wearing tightie wighties.
2- Call a crowd to the hallway/lunchroom you are performing the atomic wedgie in.
3- Throw nerd's books/lunch on the floor, as he bends down, pull his undies up.
4- Have a friend cover the nerd's mouth for he will start shrieking or crying.
5- Keep pulling the legholes should be showing by now, this is good for it means the nerd's briefs are firmly in between the victim's ass cheeks.
6- Now the undies should be at te back of the nerd's head. Keep pulling over the nerd's head. For added discomfort you can have another buddy pull down te victim's pants and spank the ass cheeks of your nerd till' they turn cherry red.
7- You may also tape the elastic to the chin of said nerd. Now te victim will be blinded and be running around hitting things.
8- Tear a hole in the nerd's tightie whities/colored briefs. Go to the cafeteria and get some slimy food to slip into te nerd's undies.
9- Now you have three options, you could release him and he will try to attack you, you could give him swirlies and not stop flushing, or you could hang him from the flagpole at the end of school.
10- You may now walk away knowing you have definately scarred him for life.
by Briefboy September 21, 2008
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When one is still in undewear and someone pulls up on the waistband and tries to pull it over the recivers head.
Man my "friend" came over while my parents were out at the time. then he cave me an atomic wedgie. after that he duck taped my hands to my chest my legs together and the wedgie to my head he also duck taped me to the floor under my bed it was summer and my parents didnt find me till 3 days passed it hurt.
by tapped to hoop January 11, 2005
a super wedgie where the goal is to actually get the underpants over the head.
w0w check out senor lopez's atomic wedgie!!! that must have hurt!
by jimbob February 27, 2003
when the underwear is lifted up and over the victims head.
like my friends were staying the weekend... while parents gone... and they gave me an atomic wedgie... taped me on to a wall so i couldnt pick it... and taped my legs apart... and my arms wide and my head and mouth... and started hitting me in the balls with their feet, and balls, and a pole, and everything... it was good
by gimme a wedgie November 04, 2005
A painful prank where 1 or more people pull the tighty whities of somebody up and over that persons head while they are wearing them, sometimes covering their eyes. This wedges the underwear up their crack, sometimes causing them to cry. It is really funny to watch!
That nerd was being nerdy, so we gave him an atomic wedgie and made him keep it there for an hour!
by person66666666666666666 March 15, 2006
A wedgie that go's over you're head
I was staying at my friends house for a sleppover with 9 of my other friends.We were playing truth or dare when it came to me I said DARE.Then they said i had to do wat ever they said for the hole night.They gave me every wedgie there was the atomic wedgie was the wrost.Then they said when i got a boner they would take photos of it
by saintsrock26 February 15, 2007
A wedgie that is pulled over the head, thus creating pain in the balls and anal swelling, sometimes bleeding. An adminesterer of the atomic wedgie needs strength, arms or legs (to pull up underwear), eyes (to see where the underwear is), a sense of humor, and life. Victim of said wedgie only needs underwear on, a buttcrack, and a head. It is more enjoyable to the admineresterer, however, if the victim has life, the ability to scream, cry, wet pants, and not be strong at all.
Victim: (Underwear stretched out about 3 feet) "Mommy! Mommy! At school there were these big kids that gave me an atomic wedgie! They picked me up and I cried and they grabbed my undies and they dropped me and I dangled from 'em and they stetched 'em over my head and taped the elastic to my chin and I ran and hit a wall and cried and then they picked me up and tore a hole in my undies and hung me from the wall by it and they laughed and I pee-peed in my pants really hard and it hit one of 'em in the face and they got me off the wall and held me down and kicked me between the legs and I cried!!!
Victims Mom: "Now, you're old enough to fight your own battles, sweety!"
by Mbleh October 08, 2007
like a wedgie, you grab the underwear and pull up. But in an atomic wedgie the underwear actually goes over you head
Mom! Bradley gave me an atomic wedgie again!!
by dragonchick83 September 21, 2006
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