The ugliest chick ever. Used frequently by the cast of Jersey Shore.
Yow this lady is not even ugly she's an atomic bomb.
by lilshawty211 March 17, 2011
Top Definition
an atomic bomb is performed by climbing to the top of the stall and shitting (or attempting to shit) into the toilet from about 5 to 6 feet above the bowl

may also be called atomic dump
freddy climbed up on the stall and dropped an atomic bomb into the crapper
by pmoney February 22, 2005
A girl so hideous she surpasses a grenade or landmine in how nasty she looks. Usually refers to a really fat girl or a girl with a really ugly face.
Bro you see that atomic bomb Billy brought over? She almost blew my house apart!
by Sir Cheifs Alot October 17, 2010
Mankind's first attempt at playing God.
The atomic bomb leveled cities; when did God give that right to men?
by Montes April 03, 2008
Farting really loud by an asian person
i think ill go down to panda express and drop an atomic bomb
by tastytacofridaysinmyass September 28, 2011
A special kind of poop where you must first have hershey squirts and then you drop a large log which makes a huge splash of the poop and water so that it splashes up on your buttocks.
Jon Vershon thought he hit puberty when he had this feeling in his stomach, it turned out he just had to poop the atomic bomb.
by Lauchnesss February 24, 2009
When somebody makes a wet, crap-filled fart.
Ew, did you just make an atomic bomb?
by BananaMilkshake December 03, 2008
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