The imfamous "all things not weezer" message board where the cool people are.
Dude! Let's go to ATNW!
by Lord of the Fries January 30, 2003
ALL THINGS NOT WEEZER. A place where you go and write about writing on a message board. also, a place where you lie about who you are: "ASL: 22/f/ny.. ttly hot, imo." a total waste of time. It's sadly addicting and after 5 years, people are still on it. The "popular people" are mods or the annoying picture whore people. Some memorable people are: Josh (the curtain), sophi, curlyhare, johnny, graham, val and that "bitch" kd. It's embarasing to know so much about it. It's weird. Don't go. If you do, don't tell your friends.. but you probably don't have many if you do go.
I used to be a boardie on ATNW, i was wheezeforweezer.
by =alice= March 21, 2006
Never telling yourself 'no' when you probably should. A cafe. A whore house. A concert hall. A debate room.
Hmm...I wonder what's happening at ATNW.
by Boochies August 27, 2003
a place where its okey to stick your extremities into light sockets & all your sisters orfaces and you wont be persecuted!
example: the boardie RiversLivzInMyBed
by Amandahadamoment March 31, 2005
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