A highly addictive internet messageboard.

See also:
Addiction, Heroin, Cocaine, Nicotine.
I was on ATNW last night.
by fatboyslimlp December 04, 2003
An intensely addictive message board which has glued many a person to his/her computer for hours at a time, and removing them of an outside social life.
Why go to homecoming when I can go to ATNW?
by Chalupa October 27, 2003
A formally awesome message board. The format for the board changed in 2005 and many boardies left. Since then many ATNW alternatives have been created, most notably Weezernation and =WF
I miss the old atnw, now I go to Weezernation instead
by Barbara Siemens April 10, 2005
The All Things Not Weezer bulletin board. Need be more said?
I've lost many an hour frequenting ATNW.
by OtherRealChris March 11, 2003
The highly addictive message board for the coolest people in the world. We are superior to anything and everything else.
ATNW is cooler than your mom.
by Elley Chaos April 25, 2003
A bunch of dorks with way too much god damned time on their hands.
You guys are such dorks for writing a definition to "ATNW." No wonder I'm there so much.
by geeksweater October 06, 2004
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