the gayest city every created, everyone knows that atlanta is not dangerous or ghetto at all, everytime you see clips of the city, you always see rich houses..New York City is way more tougher andf NYC created hiphop while these southern bast*rds think they rule everything. and southern rap has no meaning, only talks about money, hoes and dances.... hip hop was created to mean something Atlanta officially fu*ked up hip hop as well as the whole south!!!
the song-walk it out,its going down and all those useless southern songs that claim to be rap. Atlanta is mad wannabe
by DEYQUAN September 21, 2006
Its a grimey city wit no fun, alright clubs and the girls is bangin but not like the puerto ricans from up north NYC and NJ, the city itself is alright, now im residing in Decatur which is claimed by most to be poppin meaning dangerous but aint shit happenin, im originally from newark, NJ and newark is a city to watch out for. I heard more gunshots in newark in a an hour than ive heard here in decatur for 4 months thatt im living here now...atlanta is alright but aint that hot like most people claim.
casper: "yo son u been to atlanta?, how u like it
me: "that shit was boring kid, im glad to be back in Brick City son"
by damu December 11, 2005

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