Without a doubt The Crunkest City, the Most Chill City, the Most Awesome City, my home, I love it and everyone in it and everything about it. No other definitions even come close to the true definition of the A, a place like no other and anyone who has ever lived there knows exactly what i'm talking about. Smoke One!
-"Man, I just got back from Atlanta and I've been coughing ever since!"

-"Yeah, I heard they had a lot of smog in Atlanta."

-"Well whatever you want to call it, I've never smoked so much weed in my life!"

by rachel herman November 07, 2005
The capital and most dangerous city in the South. The only city where you can own a 5-acre property within city limits or inside perimeter (ITP). Home to many rap artists and way too many black people. Known as A-town, ATL, and Hotlanta. Most people from south ATL think they're badass. Most people live in the suburbs because inner city sucks. Georgia Tech, Georgia State, and Emory are pretty much the only schools and they're all boring. Restaurants are decent and Atlantic Station is the only safe place to be at night. Aquarium is awesome and MLK museum is for the modern day black people who believe they suffered suppression firsthand. Overall a scary city with little redeeming qualities and an awful public transportation system (MARTA). There are 4 zones:

Zone 1: Bankhead and the Bluffs (rich people)
Zone 2: Buckhead and the north burbs - johns creek, Druid hills, Alpharetta
Zone 3: The shithole - college park, east point, Clayton
Zone 4: Adamsville.. Nothing
Zone 5: downtown/midtown
I'm from Smyrna, got lost on the MARTA and ended up in zone 3 Atlanta and later found a prison shank stuck in my back.. I don't remember walking down rice street!
by Atnalta October 24, 2012
"The city too busy to hate." Which used to be true... until there were more blacks than whites, and now the hatred is against white people. Black people run the city of Atlanta. Atlanta has too many illegal immigrants, too many racist black people, too many bad neighborhoods, terrible traffic, bad weather, a bad football team, a bad basketball team, smog, oh.. and too many illegal immigrants.

But, it's a great place to raise a family! So keep it in mind as a transplant city! -- If you're black!

"Man Atlanta sucks. It's so hot and I keep getting mean mugged by all these black dudes."

"Shit! That Mexican almost hit me! And he doesn't even have a license plate! How are these assholes even allowed to walk the streets?!"
by Whites are the minority December 04, 2007
The best city in the South, but the worst downtown area on the planet.
Atlanta rocks, until it's time to actually do something during the day.
by bmf September 15, 2005
not the true birthplace of crunk music (look up memphis) nice city and some real ass hoods but the main reason hip hop is dead. dont get me wrong, T.I. and Young Jeezys older works are true classics, but cmon, soulja boy, shop boys and lil jon, that aint fuckin music
Mane, Atlanta sure is hood, and is the cultural and ecomnic capital of the south, but dey rappers sure ruined the fuck outta hip hop.
by diamondsnmahmouth May 18, 2008
Niggers live here.
"Nigger: I'm a nigger

Macho Man Randy Savage: You must live in Atlanta!"
by niggerinatlanta November 20, 2009
the best city in the south with a lot of lesbians that look like dudes. there a bunch of girls with fat asses but have babies before the age of 18. the niggas are dirty as hell and have no respect for bitches. the fashion in ghetto atl are wack. if you from the north you will get ass in atl. no question. mad shit to do in ATL. bunch of black people. clark atlanta has some of the most beautiful females that walk the face of the earth. they put northern chicks(except for spanish mommies for nj and ny) to shame. the traffic is crazy with hell of smog. underground atl is the wackess mall ever built.
atlanta is the shit but its to fuckin ghetto.
by jasodav April 26, 2008
Niggeriest town EVER!
If you like ghetto fabulous craphole dumps, you will think you have died and gone to heaven in Atlanta.
by Maria Reyes November 09, 2007
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