Without a doubt The Crunkest City, the Most Chill City, the Most Awesome City, my home, I love it and everyone in it and everything about it. No other definitions even come close to the true definition of the A, a place like no other and anyone who has ever lived there knows exactly what i'm talking about. Smoke One!
-"Man, I just got back from Atlanta and I've been coughing ever since!"

-"Yeah, I heard they had a lot of smog in Atlanta."

-"Well whatever you want to call it, I've never smoked so much weed in my life!"

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by rachel herman November 07, 2005
The center of the south. Atlanta has some amazing people and lots of diversity. Blacks, mexicans, asians, and whites can all be found in the same general area. Buckhead is the most elite area in atlanta and it is where the majority of the mansions, best shopping, best schools and the most traffic are. There are some amazing malls in atlanta. There's Lenox, Phipps, Cumberland, and Permimeter. There are some of the stores most expensive and most difficult to come across. (Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus)
Person A: Where do you live?
Person B: Ayye man, i live in atlanta.
Person A: Thats the best place to live in the whole world!
#atlanta #georgia #city #a-town #bankhead #traffic #shopping
by Sexy Girl Anthem December 06, 2010
Awesome city in Georgia that has terrible traffic but some really cool people. It has weird weather, where it can be 90 degrees with tornadoes one day and snow the next day. It is home to Coca Cola, Chickfila, Home Depot, UPS, and the worlds largest aquarium. It is the largest city in the south and the ninth largest in the USA with over 7 million people living in it. It has the second tallest building in the US and it has one of the most diverse populations in the US with almost every race from around the world living here. It has some awesome malls with two of them right across the street from each other and bars everywhere. Most of the people who live in the Atlanta area are nice, cool, hard working people although there are a few idiots. Its a great city to visit and an even greater one to live in.
Do you want to take a trip to Atlanta, i heard its alot of fun?
#atl #georgia #atlana #atlanta #30303
by tylro February 06, 2010
an amazing city, that has great history, the best neighborhoods, music, and people. Many people especially from the northeast look down on it because they claim that we're too suburban, funny thing is any suburban boy could kick a new yorkers skinny envious ass. People also say we're racially divided, which is partially true, but the ghetto areas get more funding in schools and stuff than the wealthier areas.
dude, what's with all these stupid people from new york insulting atlanta?

i don't know, let's kick their ass.
#atl #a-town #coolest place ever #capital of georgia #south
by asmkldfaeoni October 02, 2007
The capital of the South, many ppl hate on Atlanta because they arent from here. They see we blowin up. We create them great dances, that great music, we got that southern accent, and that delicious food. The only other major city that can compare to ATL is like New Orleans or somethin.
1: U ever been to Atlanta ?
2: Hell yea, its the shit.
#atown #atl #crunk #hip hop #south
by Alaysia May 31, 2007
1.the best mothafuckin city, in the whole muthafuckin world. apart from new york, of course. capital of georgia. best city in the south! also kown as downtown(in georgia
2.the most ghettoist place in in georgia
what did u do in atlanta last weekend?
bought shoes.
really? i got head!
#city #urban #georgia #capital #great
by mashfik Ahmed February 20, 2007
f.i.l.a. // after parties in hotel rooms // shows //drinking // sushi // ganstas // thugs // ATL hats // no X's (no straight edge kids don't play in the A) // riding marta wasted as fuck // athesist // grills // bbqs // vegitarian bbqs // dance parties // hair parties // brass knuckles // bats // knives // crews

atlanta is the town where you dont mess with the locals
#aim #me #bitches #her fatality #now
by herfatality November 09, 2005
A form of dance most appropriate for the rap and hip-hop genre; involves putting both hands on the ground while bouncing the ass up and down
Guy 1: Did you just see her drop it low??
Guy 2: Yeah bro, she can Atlanta like no other!
#atlanta #dropping it low #to atlanta #dance #rap
by djfunkyb February 06, 2010
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