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text abberviation for "As the kids say." When adults are talking they often cop to speaking in demi-adult lingo. When adults use words in email or texting like "word", "pumped", "hip", "phat", "tight" or abbreviations like "ttyl", "ROFLMAO", and so on, they should immediately follow that with "atks", to indicate that they recognize they are a) too square to actually pull it off or b) using those terms to in an ironic fashion.
My buddy texted to tell me he got tickets to the game. I was so excited, I replied "phat! atks".
by richard bullard barnes September 11, 2012
At the Keyboard. Opposite of AFK (away from keyboard).
Some twitter "bots" actually have real people ATK.
by boopydoop March 31, 2009
Short for "All Time Kings" a small group of the gang the Latin Kings who specialize in Graffitie. Often shown by a crown encircled with the letters ATK arround it.
Dont fuck with that kid hes ATK
by zzzwillzzz May 26, 2005
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