A teenager that says he/she does not believe in God in order to rebel against parents or some other authority figure. An "athiest" usually becomes a Christian within a couple of years. Sometimes they eventually learn how to spell the word "atheist", and then go around proclaiming they were atheists until they "felt God's presence" or some other bullshit.
My parent's made me go to church yesterday, and I wanted to play video games instead, so now I am an athiest.
by LVBen August 23, 2007
Top Definition
Misspelling of "atheist"
It's spelled "atheist", duh
by Coyote February 16, 2004
The incorrect spelling of atheist
I am an athiest!

Don't you mean atheist?

Oh yeah.
by Richard Firth December 31, 2003
1.) Superlative of the adjective athy

2.) Misspelling of "Atheist"
athy, athier, athiest

"Waddya don't believe in the buy-bull? You sum sorta hellbound athiest?"
by Hairysteed February 04, 2008
1. Anther misspelling of Atheist.

See Atheist
Athiests are very dangerous people.
by Bettermann February 28, 2005
The biggest liars in the entire world that God made, these stupid gay liberal hell bound lunatics have no idea what their talking about. So if your an atheist enjoy your sinful lifestyle while you can but you will be in hell soon
Hey want to go kill some athiests?
by Cheeky thing December 31, 2015
It means being ignorant ,selfish waste of time. It is a way of life which give you no reason to be alive as you don't know if world will end and will drink till you go drunk and will rape, kill and beat anyone or none of this but will be out of your senses. Time will go quick for them. They have no manner, rules of how to behave with people and no respect for elders.
Athiest children swear at the elders tell them to shut up and forget it is there parents that raised them
by some one with sense February 17, 2014
The beleif that there is no "higher power" or god.

The best religous beleif in which there are no dumb rules and our lives don't revolve some book.

I am athiest but i'm not a hater and respect others beleifs. i also am humane . Murder is wrong. No matter what.
"Are you going to church this Sunday"?

No, I'm an athiest.
I'm not gonna waste my time with that holyshit!
by PartyGuy November 30, 2007
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