A pawn of the pagan gods.
Ever since the gods returned, they used atheism to help destroy Christianity
by Divus Acanthus April 29, 2012
A rational personal conviction held by someone that theism is a falsehood.
"God is dead: but considering the state Man is in, there will perhaps be caves, for ages yet, in which his shadow will be shown." - Neitzsche
by JM December 17, 2004
Mentally healthy - free of the superstitious belief and ignorance that befall so many.
Todd: That new girl seems pretty smart.

Josh: Yeah, she's got a good head on her shoulders and seems pretty sane. She's an atheist.
Todd: Well, yeah, if not for atheism she wouldn't be sane at all.
by Kaetzchen Miaou October 01, 2013
restore of good mental health, avoidance from religious obsessive compulsive disorders. Respect for common sense and individual liberty, subscription to secular humanism and/or nihilism.

a philosophy with the rejection of supernatural creation and the assertiveness that the universe evolved through steps and series of powerful natural forces.
he is so smart, what an atheism !

my atheist friend goes to university
by Pandora8732490427420674067 September 16, 2009
The most logical theological position to take. The belief that god does not exist.
An example of Atheism? I don't know what to put here.
by GaleryonTheMystic December 08, 2007
The only true religion. Thoughs who follow shall later repent for their....oh I'm just playin I'm just playin!Anywho religions that don't believe in a god seem to be happier!
Stan:Hey Jimmy how's atheism treating you!
Jimmy:Great! how's buddhism treatin you?
Stan and Jimmy: Great!
by Stan Lightsaber April 12, 2006
The belief that there was nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything and then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason whatsoever into self-replicating bits which then became dinosaurs
Atheism, like Christianity, makes perfect sense.
by bobby2345 June 30, 2011

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