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A pawn of the pagan gods.
Ever since the gods returned, they used atheism to help destroy Christianity
by Divus Acanthus April 29, 2012
Simply put, atheism is logic.
Well, I used to live a blinded life, led by a fictional superbeing that cannot possibly exist in this dimension, but then I thought: "what the hell am I doing?" So, I chose the path of atheism.
by DweebTwirp July 10, 2008
Either 1) a lack of belief in god/supernatural being due to lack of evidence (weak evidence=agnosticism), or 2) denial of the existance of god/supernatural being. Despite some definitions listed here, atheism does not in its-self attack a single other religion-it is simply a lack of belief in a god. Some might be Satanist-which is by definition not atheism as it requires unfounded faith in a supernatural being ('Satan'); science, in most accepted definitions by scientists, involves testing and falsifying or corroborating of an idea, not stating "fact", and a claim to a supernatural being/god/God is not testable by purely scientific methods.
I agree with atheism because there is no credible evidence for God-only faith in texts that are open to interpretation.
by ATXDude March 02, 2006
The stance arrived at when one extends the same incredulity to all religions equally, instead of being able to arbitrarily put blind faith into one.

Atheism is not an outright rejection of the possibility of deity, or an immature rebellion against god. Atheism is simply an unwillingness to accept any obviously ridiculous dogmas (like believing in a loving, intelligent god who sends people to hell for arbitrarily selecting the wrong set of beliefs) concerning the unknowable until presented with a reason to do so.
"Atheism is nothing more than the noises reasonable people make when in the presence of religious dogma." - Sam Harris
by JOSH V March 29, 2009
A rejection of the belief in the existence of a God or Gods. Atheism itself is not a religion or a belief, but is accepted within some religious and spiritual belief systems, including Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Neo-pagan and Wicca. Although some atheists are also anti-theists, who oppose organized religion others are merely indifferent. In spite of some people generalizing atheists as being immoral, they tend to have a lower crime rate and as a population are no less moral than theists.
Scientists and highly rational people tend to subscribe to atheism because they believe in Occam's Razor:
"A principle urging one to select among competing hypotheses that which makes the fewest assumptions and thereby offers the simplest explanation of the effect".
by kookycole May 26, 2012
Atheism is a non-prophet organization.
Atheism never gains any prophets.
by Nistt February 14, 2011
*Sigh* Okay, let me get this strait for most of you idiots.

Atheism does not mean you worship Satan.

Atheism means you believe in NO God of ANY type WHATSOEVER.

It is the doctrine or belief that there is no God
Christian: "You don't believe in God, so that means you're an evil Satanist."

Atheist: "No, it means I don't believe in some Jewish zombie that I somehow have to telepathically worship. Atheism means I believe that life came from science."
by Scootcha August 24, 2010
Not believing any god or any supernatural force/being. Atheists believe in fact, logic, and what is proven.
•Atheism is NOT a religion!!!
•Atheism has nothing to do with satanism. If it did, the person wouldn't be atheist. Satan is supposedly a supernatural being, therefore, they do not believe in Satan. Just because you don't believe in a religion, that does not mean that you are automatically a Satanist.
•People call atheists evil, the Antichrist, and whatnot. Probably in religious peoples' eyes, they are evil.
Most Atheists don't go up to a religious person and start bagging on them and their religion. For the record, I have never seen another religious person who isn't a Christian make fun of Atheists and call them pussies and devils and other stuff. It's because of this, that Christians are the ones targeted by Atheists most when making fun of the religion. And because of THIS, Christians make fun of Atheists more than any other religion. So it's kind of like a war between Atheists and Christians.
•Some people also say that Atheists believe that we all came from monkeys or evolved from monkeys. That is also wrong. We didn't evolve nor come from monkeys; we had a common ANCESTOR as apes, monkeys, etc. Don't get me wrong about evolution though. There IS evolution in bacteria, cells, and even some animals (probably). Some diseases are bad, but if not cured in time, they may evolve into a more worse disease that may be incurable.

~This part is for bad Christians~
(When I say bad, I'm not saying you suck, just saying you aren't following your own religion and it's rules)
•Christians who constantly say bad things about atheism, get mad at atheism, say they will kill people who are atheism...isn't that a sin in your religion? Aren't religious people suppose to be good and not do bad things? Like stealing and beating someone up because of a color they are wearing or a color of their skin? Isn't it bad to lose your virginity when you're still in high school or middle school still? Isn't it also bad to do your best friend's spouse? Or even lie about something you did? If say you are a Christian and say you are a good Christian, why do I still see people do these things? Why do I hear people say they don't care about their parents and are always bad to their parents? They might have done wrong in the past, or are still doing wrong, but they're your parents, you can help them change. No matter how much they refuse to change. Help them if they're struggling.
Person 1: Are you of the religion of Atheism? Aren't you guys evil and believe in the Devil?
Person 2: No, I am an Atheist. I don't believe in any religion or any god. I believe in facts and what can be proven. I don't believe we are monkeys nor came from them. If you are to make fun of me, then so be it.
by This isn't a name. December 29, 2008