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Swedish melodic death metal band, disbanded in 1996 but still extremely influencial and often touted as one of the founding fathers of NWOSDM.

Tomas Lindberg : vocals
Anders Bjorler : guitars
Martin Larsson : guitars
Jonas Bjorler : bass
Adrian Erlandsson : drums

Former members:
Alf Svensson : guitars
Gesper Jarold : violin

Jonas, Anders and Adrien then went on to form The Haunted, whilst Tomas Lindberg has appeared on various works and was/is involved in The Crown, Lockup and Nightrage.

Tip; when searching for At the Gates on google, type + infront of at and the, and maybe "Swedish" after it or you get random crap about fencing.
"Have you heard any tracks by At the Gates?"
by acid_lullaby September 01, 2004
A Swedish melodic death metal band that was greatly influential to all melodic death metal bands that followed after them. Even the newer breed of trendy metalcore bands rip off At The Gates riffs that they heard on Slaughter Of The Soul. Recommended for fans of awesome music.
by watts911 July 29, 2008
Awsome fukkin metal band.

Best song:Suicide Nation
"hey bob how was that at the gates concert?"
BOB: My ears are still bleeding!!1!
by Tom April 28, 2004
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