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noun'ish. or verb'ish.

1) the initial 'aura smooth' feel when you're satisfied with how baked you are.

2) an unobstructed suave way to dish out that you're gonna go get high, if not already.

3) brainstorming ideas under the influizzle of that marijuizzle, motherfuckers.

4) nonchalantly dishing out (as to departure), while discreetly hinting the fact that you're only leaving to go off and get lifted.
@kanyewest: damn. (3 min pause) u the smoothest motherfucker alive! RT "@killenhersoftly: at a bakery, about a pastry."

-- yerrr.
what up what up --
-- finna go to a bakery about a pastry when i get off from work, u wit it?
for sure hoe, hit me up. --

-- wyd?
nothing. chilling. with shorty rock; at a bakery, about a pastry. how bout you? --
by Killenhersoftly November 30, 2011
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