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The retarded way to spell 'as well'. Despite what some people may think, 'aswell' is two separate words in any case, rather than just in a sentence containing 'as well as'.
retard #1: lol yeh i wanna be a weepy uke aswell!
retard #2: no u can b a bastard seme!
by o_rly_phactor October 28, 2006
Although wrong. Some people like to write aswell instead of as well.

Yeah I like that as well

I am going there aswell.
by aswellas August 30, 2008
Currently, a popular filler (first observed to be popularized by ABC news c.2000) in spoken media.

Often used at the end of sentences by paid "news readers" to fill airtime, while adding no value whatsoever.
ANY sentence with this ending can be said without it and the meaning remains unchanged.
Correct - "The house and barn were destroyed"
Incorrect - "The house was destroyed, and the barn was destroyed as well ... over to you, Kathy"
by B. Schauerte December 05, 2006
The most annoying and irrelevant phrase that people feel the need to say all the time. It often doesn't make any sense but they say it to make themselves seem smarter than they really are, as well.
Person1: Did you see that fight at school?!

Person2: Oh darn, I missed it as well.

Person1: Ummm. ok... *walks away*
by BritishHomeSkilletBiscuit April 25, 2010
something wonderful, terrific
That Taking Back Sunday show was aswell.
by tashina September 05, 2005
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