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A combination of the prefix "astro-" and suffix "-philic" that directly correlates to "love of the celestial body." Essentially, astrophilic is an extremely positive adjective that describes an other-worldly love/appreciation for something.
"Yo Ian, you met my new girl? She's astrophilic"
"You said that about your last three new girls"
by IanYouKnowItsTrue April 05, 2008
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This is the ultimate word, and it literally means anything you want it to mean, and can be used as a adjective or even a pronoun, or an adverb. The purpose of this word is to use it for whatever you wish and sound really fancy.
"The ice skater was quite astrophilating."
"That test was a bit astrophilic, don't you think?"
by Robert Staufeneger October 31, 2007
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