Someone who will do anything in the attempt to get some sexual contact from another person. Generally this attention is put towards a single target but is not confined to such boundaries.
Garrett is being an ass whore and is nut riding with Beau again tonight. (see nut riding)
by Gig Harbor June 14, 2011
An insult for a woman who is acting like an asshole, which is a term usually reserved for men. To feminize asshole, we add the female insult "whore". Thus you get Asswhore.
My boss asks me to do pointless tasks, she is such an asswhore.
by K823 March 10, 2014
being a douche bag or even lame as fuck. not gay though just a jerk face bitch. mainly guys are ass-whores.
gosh he is such an ass-whore pussy bitch!
by barbie831 August 02, 2011
A person who butt-dials multiple individuals in one night.
Hey you. asswhore! Turn off your fucking phone before sticking in your back pocket!
by yoyoma12345 February 04, 2011
An asswhore can only be a girl. It refers to a girl who
1) Is an ass


2) Is a whore
Because each word alone cannot define the magnitude of their slutty, fake, and horrid personailties, two wonderful adjectives MUST be added.
Jenni: Wow, Morgan is such a fucking asswhore!
Lola: What did she do!?
Jenni: She slept with my boyfriend!
Lola: ass!
Jenni: Whore!
Lola & Jenni: ASSWHORE!
by sp3akaodatruf March 05, 2010
whore thats only good quilty is her ass
wow that whores ugly, If anything i'd rather have an asswhore
by Joe Black February 03, 2005
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