What a mexican smells like. A mix between ass and burrito.
Damn, that mexican smells like assurito. He must be alergic to soap and water.
by Cody October 12, 2003
Top Definition
The act of shoving your hand in your anus in order to clear out a clogged turd. It's thrown upon the floor violently and sounds as if a burrito had just fallen off a table
The pain was too great for Steve when he couldn't motivate a bowel movement. He decided an assurito was the only way out of his predicament and plunged his hand deep until his colon was once again free.
by digitaldevil August 22, 2007
the basic smell of a mexican...ass and burritos put together
hmm...smells like assuritos...where's the mexican??
by how bout i don't put my name October 12, 2003
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