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a parish in southern louisiana about 70 miles west of new orleans where everyone assumes they live in a town, even though 72% of the parish is unincorpirated. about 25,000. 90% of the population lives along bayou lafouche or nearby nieghborhoods, 9% live in pierre part, a town literally in the middle of nowhere, and the other 1% live in the dumpster behing assumption high school, or permenantly loiter pop-n-go's. i would not recommend living here unless you enjoy being bored all the time and enjoy economic inconvience.
Peter: Where do you live?

Josh: Assumption parish

Peter: Where is that?

Josh: On the other side of Thibodaux, Morgan City, Donaldsonville, the place nobody ever goes because theres no reason at all to come here.

Peter: Oh I'm sorry
by datkidkidlolseeme December 10, 2010
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