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someone that likes to rape ass. Especially male ass.
alternate definition; a derogatory term for anyone.
That guy stole my car. What an ass rapist.
by Ed Kolesar August 02, 2006
a man who rapes other men/women in the ass multiple times.
Holy Shit, i heard about that guy on the news, hes an Assrapist!!!
by TheShizzle June 10, 2003
Google it for images
I was doing a school report on anal rape for my graphical studies class, so I googled assrapist for images to cite. But all I saw were skyscrapers!
by Spleen the Bloody August 28, 2008
Andrew Lee
Located at Tullamoor Inn
Andy: "I am going to ass rape you!"
Andy's grandma: "NOOOOOOOOO!"
Andy: "oh too late"
by DavioGrimmy July 10, 2004