When a girl wipes from back to front, and leaves the pussy smelling of shit.
When I went down on your mom her pussy wreaked of shit, fucking ass pussy.
by gas chamber April 20, 2006
Top Definition
An anus that is used for sexual intercourse. An asspussy will generally be penetrated by (but not limited to) a penis (or penises) and/or other appendages. Asspussy is also most likely to be shaved and willing to accept cock at any given moment. The presence of asspussy implies the act of "fucking," not "making love."
After donkey punching her, I rammed my pole into her asspussy and blew my wad into her sludge farm.

I fucked her asspussy until it blossomed like a fudge flower.

I pulled out and shoved it in her asspussy because was far tighter than her coochie.

That twink loves to show off his asspussy like it's the fucking Queen of England.

I retracted from her asspussy and promptly drove it into her mouth.

My cock has his asspussy written all over it.

She passed out after I jackhammered her asspussy.
by Dirtycoochie February 13, 2006
Anal sex with a fellow prison inmate with one man, the receiver, acting as a woman.
When they wanted great ass-pussy on the yard, they knew exactly which group to hit up.
by William Dean A. Garner October 15, 2009
Asshole used for penile penetration.
Sally has an excellent ass pussy if your looking for some back door action tonight.
by joe5540 August 15, 2010
A term commonly used in prisons to refer to effeminate male inmates that deal in sex.

Nearly every general population prison block has such inmates that gain their protection and receive commissary goods in trade for sexual favors.

It is not uncommon for them shave their legs and modify state issued prison clothing to be more attractive.
Once that Ass Pussy showed up everyone came out wanting to cell up.
by Kuerno May 23, 2008
noun - when the anal cavity gets overused for intercourse that it becomes as loose as a pussy
Kristian has such an ass pussy after a month of anal.
by Rupio Dominguez December 08, 2007
A protrusion of fat on a female that resembles a gut but appears to emanate from below the waist, settle at a point level with the female's ample buttocks, and both obscure and fuse with the genital region. Also referred to as a front-butt or a gunt, but not related in any effect to a pussy-ass, as in pussy-ass bitch, pussy-ass motherfucker, or pussy-assing on the bedspread.
Jesus: I really think people should stop eating when they can't even reach around to wipe their own asses.

Mohammed: Yes, however some actually can reach between their legs and under their junk to wipe their ass, except of course a chick with an ass-pussy.

Jesus: What? Such a blasphemous wipe!
by dadafari March 11, 2008
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