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Someone who smells of ass and armpit.
Dude I walked passed this guy who smelt like asspit.
by randomblackguy November 02, 2014
the imaginary line that is crossed when one is fed up completely and yet still has to carry on.
as in "I am up to my asspits in work, there is no way I can go out tonight."
by Juli Harland June 11, 2006
like arm pits, but in the ass. typically in fat people, when you pick up an ass cheek and see the thigh underneath.
woah..she's so fat she has ass pits!
by anonymouse113 July 10, 2010
Stripper slang for their place of employment aka a titty bar.
"OMG.... That asshole I just did a lap dance for, only paid me 30 dollars. I am leaving the asspit with only 300 in my sweaty g-string!".
by millak January 25, 2008
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