Top Definition
Penis growing from the ass
'I can't take a shit cos my asspenis is in the way'
by Schmaz March 12, 2005
1. A person, place, situation, or thing that has the qualities of both an ass and a penis
2. The act of butt-fucking.
3. A word which I FUCKING MADE UP
"Man, that guy is such an asspenis"
"Shit! I dropped my muffin! Asspenis!"
by Imadeupasspenis May 29, 2004
When you get smashed in the penis with a sack of doorknobs and your penis goes inside you body and sticks out your ass, giving you a mangina and a ass penis.
"Oh mi gawd i just got impaledded and now i got an ass penis."
"Suck my ass penis."
by Aarons Mom July 13, 2006
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