A faggot that does nothing but fuck his boyfriend in the ass;someone who only fingers(or licks) a girls ass;one who mongers in the anal cavity and falls asleep while penatrating.
Lick her clit you assmonger!
by fuckpshitscockp January 13, 2007
Top Definition
One who sells donkeys on the street.
A lowly assmonger cannot make enough money to support a family.
by BlastMaster May 16, 2003
(actually it's my trademark phrase)
An ass monger literally is one who sells or deals in asses, used as an insult its pretty sweet
Hey ass monger, go live in a fucking hole
by G-maximus October 03, 2003
A homosexual male who hoards large amounts of man-ass for personal use. Derrogatory term used much like 'bitch'
son of an assmonger!

that janitor's starting to scare me. i think he's an assmonger.
by Jonathan Roland November 25, 2003
One who likes to take or give it up the ass, a lot, I mean like everyday, literally everyday.
Leonardo De Caprio is an assmonger, him and Boy George, they go at it like woah.
by Classik March 20, 2003
Synonymous to an ass-hole.

A generally rude, unpleasant person.
My coworkers are all assmongers.
by snabald July 13, 2003
One who craves and obsesses about ass. They may even smell like ass...
Andy is stronger than any known gorilla and ass monger.
by Money September 07, 2003
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