Derogitory term for a homosexual. Alternatively, anyone who partakes in activities involving inserting objects into the rectum.
Larry never dates females because he is an assminer.
by J_AK December 07, 2006
Top Definition
Someone who mines asses, sometimes with hat.
Check out Sanchez. What an assminer.
by Sloan September 28, 2003
the act of using your fingers to dig around in someones ass looking for shit, then scooping out the shit and eating it. ass miner. usually inplyimg both parties are gay men.
john inserts his finger into jeff's ass and scoops out some shit, then john eats it. john is an ass miner. jeff is the ass mine.
by dark bud December 01, 2009
to mine an ass. a possible insult.
you're such an ass miner, that you've got enough corn to feed poland.
by vin. December 07, 2004
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