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having an almost asthmatic reaction in regards to shortness of breath, when in the presence of an amazingly beautiful ass.

anybody who gets short of breath and even a little lightheaded around a woman with a magnificent posterior may be an assmatic
i had an assmatic reaction when i saw kelly today, i needed a couple minuted to collect myself! have you seen that ass!?

i knew i was an ass man, but i never knew i was an assmatic. When i saw nancy today i almost passed out i needed some serious air to calm myself down, that ass was like POW!!!
by hotkarl2705 August 18, 2010
2 1
bad, suxs, wack, originated in sayin some 1s freestyle waz wack,
1:i got the cranberry nd the pineapple ill bust ur face like a pineapple

2: assmatic son
by 5P K1NG July 25, 2007
3 0
bad at something, wack,
u assmatic at dis game son
dat freestyle was assmatic
by 5P 50ULJA August 04, 2007
4 2