bad, suxs, wack, originated in sayin some 1s freestyle waz wack,
1:i got the cranberry nd the pineapple ill bust ur face like a pineapple

2: assmatic son
by 5P K1NG July 25, 2007
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When see a very attractive booty that have you pause for a minute or hyponize to it.

To describe an attractive butt
Rob: Yo you seen that girl's booty bruh that booty nice

Jay: Word that booty assmatic.
by Jb93 June 22, 2014
having an almost asthmatic reaction in regards to shortness of breath, when in the presence of an amazingly beautiful ass.

anybody who gets short of breath and even a little lightheaded around a woman with a magnificent posterior may be an assmatic
i had an assmatic reaction when i saw kelly today, i needed a couple minuted to collect myself! have you seen that ass!?

i knew i was an ass man, but i never knew i was an assmatic. When i saw nancy today i almost passed out i needed some serious air to calm myself down, that ass was like POW!!!
by hotkarl2705 August 18, 2010
bad at something, wack,
u assmatic at dis game son
dat freestyle was assmatic
by 5P 50ULJA August 04, 2007
When da booty so fine you get an asthma attack
"Bro did you see Katie"
"Yeah she made me Ass Matic"
by The scrublord April 05, 2016
When da booty so fine you have an asthma attack
"Hey bro did you see Katie?"
"Yeah it made me ass matic"
by The scrublord April 05, 2016
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