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1.) As a general insult following in the trend of rectal-based phrases, see asshat

2. As a descriptive phrase
1. Dude, he didn't deserve that. You're such an assmar.

2. Don't like it? Sucks to your assmar.
by Der September 13, 2003

When you can't pronounce asthma, you say assmar
Piggy so fat and can't go up lots of stairs because he's got assmar
by JT October 06, 2004
Ass-mar- the asthma that piggy had in the Lord Of The Flies
"Sucks to your ass-mar"
by leg # 4 January 06, 2010
Second of six levels of Ass.
A horrible Fad.
Sucks to your Ass-mar!
by Two Morons From Orillia June 12, 2003