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Used as an insult. Preferably towards certain dumbasses (eg WOP and Downy)
"Fuck Downy, you're such an ass-jew!"
"Baha, dumbassed WOP, you're such an ass-jew!"
by connie chung December 03, 2006
6 20
Any woman who refuses to have sex for (apparently) no good reason. References the stereotype of Jews as stingy, hoarding and ungenerous...combined with the slang meaning of "ass" (pussy, vagina, stank, cunt, puddin, poontang, et al) the indication is of one stingy with "ass".
She won't give it up - she's an assjew...
22 6
When you take a poo and it comes out curly
When Adam Sandler Shits,Ass jew
by Fitz & Vinny June 03, 2006
24 32