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jerk1 ( P ) Pronunciation (ass-jûrk)
v. assjerked, assjerk·ing, assjerks
v. tr.

1. The fast and furious movement of the bowles.
2. The conjoining of asshole and jerk indicating very poor behavior.
3. I was driving along the road when I got assjerked but some crap driver.
4. Those guys are such a group of assjerks.
"That lame PKer is such an assjerk!"
by Dacarlo August 05, 2005
n.- a person who conciously tries to irritate others; one who finds humor in annoying other people.
"I understand your mother never gave you attention as a child, Billy, but you're being a real ass-jerk.
by theDefiner December 03, 2004
One who, upon seeing a good-looking girl or guy approaching them, jerks their head around after they pass, to check out their ass.
On the street, in the hallway at work, he didn't care - he was an ass jerk anywhere, always turning his head back to see the ass on who he just passed.
by mamadeo November 05, 2009
Refers to a know-it-all who is an asshole and a jerk.
Shmitty, you are such an assjerk.
by bz93 September 21, 2015
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