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A condition in which an individual is a chronic asshole and feels that he/she cannot stop.
Man, today I yelled at my mom, my girlfriend, the busdriver and the nice kid at work. I think I might suffer from assholism.
by mjboogie November 21, 2006
150 37
the art of being an ass hole
My boss has a PHD in assholism
by Gina Evans February 28, 2004
184 43
A following practiced by many around the world, which needs several years of training and a natural instinct of basic shittiness.
A:What's with that omar, man?
B:Oh, he's a strict assholist, he trains in assholism everyday.
by Rapius August 20, 2009
77 39
When one has the addictive behavior of being an asshole
Jeff: Aww man, Joe totally ripped on me today

Wayne: Yea, I hear he is suffering from assholism...
by Justine_Hawley February 04, 2009
72 40
When a person is physically unable to stop being an asshole.
"My gosh he is so annoying. I think he suffers from a severe case of assholism"
by Hermies October 29, 2009
31 18
The act of being abusive to other people.
Assholism is so common these days. We keep hearing about all sorts of crimes as well as bullying in the schools. It's terrible!
by funny fella January 13, 2014
0 2
the act of being an asshole
you and your assholism is getting on my nerves!
by inventor-X October 30, 2011
11 13