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Asshole: The OTHER Vagina!
If you don't want to get your girlfriend pregnant just stick it in her asshole.
by S-O-L February 23, 2009
see example
Spencer Cash Money Mother Fucking Eckert is an asshole
by Jason ans Sara July 10, 2008
Some women and men I worked with at SAGHospital!
Hostile-Aggressive Lori R. is a prime example of an Asshole!
She was trash talking about me and making shit up when I caught the asshole bitch!
by kdawg52 December 07, 2006
poopy hole,arrogant self centered guy,where you poop out of
i pooped out my asshole one midsummer morning
by me im bee February 26, 2006
Anyone who dislikes my definition
That asshole just disliked me !!
by marobasm April 25, 2011
Anyone who hasn't had the privilegdes you had during your upbringing. Anyone who hasn't gone to an I.V.League university or was graduated after 4-5 years in an accredited college. Anyone who hasn't gotten ahead because of where their uncle or father placed them in a second or third generation family business. People who don't maintane membership in a White Suppremist or Gentleman's Country Club. A person Ugly, Sad or Ignorant with which people don't want to bother. But above all if you agree with this you are an arrogant snobbish hopeless asshole and your misleading, out-of-touch family has the worst of Karma.
I can not appreciate the struggle of the middle and lower classes therefore I am an 'asshole'.
by David August 05, 2007
the best place in a woman's body to place your cock, espcecially when you can then put it right in her mouth(see atm).
i placed my cock in my gfs asshole last night. she loved it.

i tried to atm her but she kicked me away.

she accused me of being gay for wanting to fuck her asshole. i told her that was bullshit, and to stfu and bend over. i was kicked again...this time in the balls.
by reverand doctor jim jones, dd., phd. September 10, 2007