the hole of a persons ass
Billy went to this website and saw a man with a large asshole
by adrian fernandez December 09, 2003
Slang for the anal opening. This term is has many functions, either as a term of endearment, or as a graphic description of a potential victim. Sometimes comes in groups called bunches.
"Who let that fucking Asshole in here?"
by James Bourne September 05, 2003
Asshole: someone who posts a lot of things on Urban Dictionary and doesn't vote on them so they are all backed up.
I posted on one thing then voted on over 100 posts to make up for it cause it is backed up.

I am not an Asshole ... Are you?

Synynyms: Dickhead,cocklover,ass,junky,tocoolforschool
by TruthfulLier"_" August 07, 2015
An unpleasant person who thinks they're better than you in any way.
Wow, I showed him my picture and he said his was better. he's such an asshole.
by loli big boobs July 03, 2015
1. Someone who used to be your good friend but then befriended some jerks and became one himself.

2. The jerk mentioned above makes fun of you and ruins your reputation.

3. Your whole high school.
"what an asshole"
by 2k15sucks June 23, 2015
People who think they're cool when in reality they are just fucking up society even more than it already is.
You guys are a bunch of assholes.
by PineappleJuice March 29, 2015
Someone who is being a jerk for no reason.
"She is such an asshole
by Cassandra Bitch March 02, 2015

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