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Laughably easy and accurate character description of every person who has ever been and ever will be with not one single exception. Not one.
'You're an asshole'

'No, you're an asshole'

'You're an asshole,, cunt'...Et cetera, Et cetera, Et cetera; wash, rinse, repeat.
by manhub October 16, 2013
A dumass that kicks you in the ass when you walk by him.
You running into the classroom and you walk by him hi is gonna smash you balls and youre asshole
by dunnel February 24, 2013
someone who is full of shit... therefore they talk alot of shit and are usually hated after their daily enema
william is an asshole... he does nothing but lie!!!!!!!!!!
by rodeobaby! January 14, 2011
1. the place where ur shit comes out

2. a word people use to describe a person
by KillerNuns21 July 29, 2010
1) Deragatory term used for a person who is unkind, bitter, or narcissistic.

2) Kanye West
by Belushi the Zombie January 02, 2010
You know who or what you are people, you're probably some form of asshole.
Why.. must.. there.. be.. such.. a-holes. Either there are folks who are blunt, or insinuating shit to ya. Shut the fuck up, you bags. assholes! LOOSSERS!!
by see the good... December 01, 2009
Boys who try to touch places they shouldn't in a girl's body during the first date.
girl: '...so we kissed a little bit and everything was great and suddenly he was touching my boobs..."
friend: 'what an asshole!'
by grei_eba August 01, 2009