Someone who blocks the sidewalk because they cannot walk full speed and talk on their cell phones at the same time; nor, do they care.
Maria is a complete asshole when she walks down the side walk talking on her cell phone.
by WGN October 19, 2012
You looking at one in the mirror.
Y'see, he's lookin' at an asshole.
by Roadhog October 15, 2012
a person who tells you the truth about yourself in a society where everything is sugar-coated to make you believe that everyone is prince charming and there is nothing wrong with you.
"Man, that asshole over there just told Jim that sagging his pants wasn't cool."
by sammaaayy September 21, 2012
A very french word
Zach is an asshole...pardon my french!
by heyzach June 05, 2012
A person who possesses a gallon of grain alcohol infused riot juice for a longer period of time than that which is deemed appropriate.
Steph is such an asshole.
by Squids Phillips November 21, 2011
Someone who is a Dick towards people!
W.A.D is and Ass Hole
by mdsc2009 April 25, 2011
Your girlfriend. Someone unfaithful and inconsiderate.
Chrystal is such an asshole man!
by willie leftwether March 29, 2011
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