Someone who resembles an awkwardly large dinosaur, smug cat, or ogre. They have a penchant for counting money and wearing ill-tailored suits. They can often be seen frequenting banks and loitering outside commerce buildings. They travel primarily by foot or by bus because the audi belongs to their mother. They like to have a lot fun and often interpret normal conversation as being extremely dramatic. Assholes comprise a surprisingly large portion of the population.
That boy you met at the pub the other day, he's a real asshole.
by Oxford Pressss March 27, 2011
someone who is full of shit... therefore they talk alot of shit and are usually hated after their daily enema
william is an asshole... he does nothing but lie!!!!!!!!!!
by rodeobaby! January 14, 2011
George Bush, enough said.
Bush is such an asshole!
by WorstCaseSenario April 12, 2010
George W Bush
George W Bush is an asshole
by BiggieJussAbowss January 14, 2010
person 1: "Hey is that ethan lockhart??"


person 1: "i know his ego is WAY too big"

person 2: "especially for how short he is"

by anonymous189033 May 27, 2009
D1 Your Anus. The hole on your butt where poop aka shit comes out.

D2 Someone who is being stupid or mean. Someone who is foolish. Someone who looks like an anus
Hole on your butt.
Someone comes up to you and slaps you in the face, and you call them an asshole. Someone just bumped into a wall, and you call them an asshole.
by Mattcomedy May 04, 2009
a woman name pronounced ashowlee, but often incorrectly pronounced as asshole by substitute teachers.
Substitute:is asshole here
Class: (giggles)
Asshole: it is pronounced ashowlee.
by ddgirl October 22, 2008

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