1. Annoying Self-Satisfying Hedonistic Ostentatiously Ludicrous Egotist


2. The Anus
Hey, ASSHOLE, just because you are the life of the party doesn't mean people like you.

Loud mouth, loud shirt... Definitely an ASSHOLE.

Ignore the ASSHOLE, he's just trolling in real life.

That ASSHOLE is making a scene again. Ignore it and it will eventually go away.

She called to complain that it hurt her asshole. I told her suppositories are a bad idea.
by You Needn't know. July 05, 2011
something we all are in some way.
Asshole 1: You're an asshole
Asshole 2: Yes I am, and so are you
by Memetic Man January 17, 2011
People that piss you off and don't give a fuck about it.
12yr old girl: Dad? Can you sign this permission form so i can run in the ING?
dad: No.
12yr old girl: Why?
Dad: you might get raped
12yr old girl: I'm 12!
Dad: Too Bad
*girl walks away*
12yr old girl:(whispers under breath) Asshole
by S.B.C! January 21, 2009
a person who is so fed up with themselves, they have no time for others, The only enjoyment they have is making fun of others. They think they are really cool because they say big words (for them) like "gay" and "fag".
That kid acts like an ass hole
by mentos mint March 18, 2005
San-Franciscan for vagina.
San-Franciscans love buttsex.
by Wyatt b quiet December 04, 2003
A seal that Follows The Golden Bear.

Asshole the seal embarks on an annual adventure with the Training Ship Golden Bear for a treacherous four month journey on the many oceans of the world. He is the sole protector of the arrogant scumbag cadets of the California Maritime Academy.
Hey everyone, look! It's Asshole, the seal that follows the Golden Bear!
by BoozeCruise76 December 15, 2010
Definition #1: the hole in the buttocks where poo is ejected

Definition #2: an individual who starts arguments, is a total

jerk, and/or is nagging/irritating/bitchy
Example 1: Everyone should have an asshole.

Example 2: Everyone knows an asshole.
by Meh_defined_asshole March 02, 2010

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