An Asshole is somebody that works to better himself sometimes at the expense of other, usually the people who deserve to be hurt. He is generally liked by everybody in his presence no matter what he does. Although the most important person to an Asshole is himself, he does care about other things and people. Although he generally betters himself at the expense of others he can sometimes help other people in the process which can draw more positive attention to himself. Not to be confused with a douche-bag or a dick, a douche-bag is somebody that cares ONLY for himself and a dick is somebody that doesn't care for anyone.
Denis Leary: An Asshole who gains the admiration of millions by saying what he wants and hurting the people who deserve it. But he still is able to have a charity for fireman, drawing positive attention to himself.
by THE A**HOLE July 10, 2010
The worst type of person. Someone who seriously needs their ass kicked big time or get tortured by getting skinned alive. These types of people seriously don't deserve to breathe our precious air. They are people who waste space on this Earth and it is a privelage for them to even exist on this planet. They are disgusting, self centred, evil, mean, selfish, fucktards, exploiters....too much to list. They love to bad mouth people who are more superior than they are. A lot of people like following these types of people because "assholes" is like a disease. It is more contagious then SARS and one "asshole" can accumulate into thirty assholes.
1. Peter from Steveston Secondary is a total asshole.
2. My Science teacher is a asshole.
3. Pretty much everyone in this fucking planet is an asshole.
by Thomas Huang March 14, 2007
an asshole is anyone who; does stupid stuff, is a jerk, lies to you, plays jokes on you, hits on your girlfriend, says stupid stuff, or anything else you can think of...its a pretty universal word
that asshole just belly flopped off the high dive

that asshole just ate my lunch

you asshole, whyd you set my alarm at 4:00??

stop hitting on my gf asshole

why would you say some dumb shit like that you asshole?


by micky d March 20, 2006
a word to describe someone or group of people who act like idiots
Americans are war mongering assholes
by bryan June 09, 2004
Any driver but you; someone who cuts you off while you are driving
Look at that asshole, he pulled out right in front of me
by Lisa Sohara February 07, 2004
Asshole is a multi-purpose label frequently used to describe an ignorant or inconsiderate person.
Most motor vehicle operators, especially if they are driving too fast; driving too slow; talking on a cellphone; playing a stereo with too much bass OR driving a vehicle with billowing clouds of smoke. In fact, they may not be driving the vehicle at all, they could simply be the owner of a vehicle with an active alarm siren. Late at night, that would be a FUCKING ASSHOLE, the worst kind.
by Typical User September 07, 2006
Someone who is being a total jerk , son of a bitch , or just wants to fuck around with your head.

( Literally means hole in the ass if you didnt know. ) Or imbecil as its the translation in spanish.
What the hell you fucking asshole? U just ranover my foot.
by jonnie walke November 30, 2005
a complete idiot who does stupid things, and usually ends up embarassing his/her self
"He tried to nake a cake in the microwave? What an asshole!"
by bert December 13, 2004
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