An Asshole is somebody that works to better himself sometimes at the expense of other, usually the people who deserve to be hurt. He is generally liked by everybody in his presence no matter what he does. Although the most important person to an Asshole is himself, he does care about other things and people. Although he generally betters himself at the expense of others he can sometimes help other people in the process which can draw more positive attention to himself. Not to be confused with a douche-bag or a dick, a douche-bag is somebody that cares ONLY for himself and a dick is somebody that doesn't care for anyone.
Denis Leary: An Asshole who gains the admiration of millions by saying what he wants and hurting the people who deserve it. But he still is able to have a charity for fireman, drawing positive attention to himself.
by THE A**HOLE July 10, 2010
Frederick Horner
"hey dude, that Fred guy is such an asshole."
by su6991tit November 20, 2014
Someone who absolutely doesn't give one fuck. it's as If all the fucks in their library's are checked out. Also a synonym for Jacqueline Magno.
Ugh, I gave him $5 yesterday, but when I asked for $1 today, he's being selfish, what a Jackie.

He's such an asshole, he needs to learn to share.
by KAmdad November 13, 2014
An annoyance.
Zara is the definition of an asshole
by Bettycrocker August 12, 2014
An unpleasant disagreeable person
When someone acts like an asshole they make life worst for themselves.
by Gerard Irick October 24, 2011
when someone intentionally does something to piss you off.
Nick Hardisty is an asshole because he knowingly let his girlfriend run into a door specifically so he could laugh at her.
by Schwills May 20, 2011
Any person who tells you to go into google and type in the word your looking for to find the definition.
Type in asshole on google and hit the I'm Feeling Lucky button, you'll find out what it means.
by TheFearI95 January 22, 2011
1. Somebody who is irreverent, creative, and funny, and who highlights what a goose-livered looser pansy you are to your girlfriend.

2. Someone socialist fuck-wits want to beat to death after interment in a goolag.
That asshole fucked my girlfriend and made me realize that I am a pathetic nothing waste of a human with no heart, soul, creativity or beauty. That asshole, and all assholes, need to be purged, so that my girlfriend, and maybe lots of other women, have no choice but to be with me.
by Edmundo Daudi March 15, 2010
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