a badass person who pisses you off and most refered as a dick or a dickhead.
¨god,mike is such a asshole.¨
by girl456 July 01, 2009
In the 18th and 19th century, thievery was prevalent in the Wild West. Freight companies often used teams of horses or donkeys to move goods from town to town. Marauding thieves would often target these mule and horse teams for their valuable cargo--including salt, hematite and sometimes raw beef.

Any 5 year old knows that trying to stop a 16 mule team at a full gallop, dead in its tracks is not only impossible, but also dangerous. One runs the risk of being trampled or even eaten alive, limb by limb. So, to bring these pachyderms to a stop, bandits would dig trenches 20 feet deep and 30 feet long then cover the trench with sticks and stones and weed and bombs. The mule team would unsuspectingly go galloping over the covered trench and to their dismay, would fall in and all of the horses and mules would perish. The cargo, however, would remain intact and it was then simply a matter of the thieves lower themselves into the pit to reap the reward of raw beef and hematite from the corpses of the mules.

These pits soon became known as assholes, as the primary type of animal that would become ensnared were mules and donkeys. As rail and steam ships became more common for transporting goods, the "asshole" fell out of popularity. The true meaning of the word became diluted over time and eventually came to mean 'a dishonest or thieving person who does not have the best intentions for others.'
Sorry I'm late. I got caught up in an asshole.
by furnfee October 23, 2009
A self-centered guy who steals girls first kisses then breaks their hearts.
"My ex-boyfriend is a real asshole! For he is the definition of asshole."
by MuffinBananaHammock January 20, 2007
someone who gets anything he wants any time he wants without having to work for it.
my friend with the new Italian dirtbike is such an "asshole".
by the blue blazer February 19, 2005
A person who bluntly asks, "Are you fucking retarded?" when everyone else just feels sorry for you and/or don't want to hurt your feelings. An asshole tends to be proud of their label and when called an asshole, will most likely have a comeback that clearly distinguishes them as an asshole but at the same time makes you look like a total idiot. They give a very frank commentary about the world around them, and are hated by many because they will point out a persons obvious character flaws, thus ending said persons fantasy of being the best. Assholes have much more honor than their counterparts, the douchebags in that they can be as mean, rude and inconsiderate as they want but still have friends to back them up, while despite the douchebags best efforts to seem cool will be hated inevitably. Befriending an asshole can be very beneficial because even though they will still make fun of you all the time it's more of a "poking-fun" type thing and are striving to make you a more socially acceptable person. In conclusion, assholes are an aquired taste; impossible to like at first, but once you learn that whatever one asshole says about you it's what 100 others are thinking they don't seem so bad. Assholes have a much more real view of the world than they get credit for because they don't sugarcoat and speak facts that many would rather ignore. If you think someone is an asshole, all that means is that they have shit on you and you don't have shit on them.
Douchebag: Hey asshole what's with that earring are you a fag or somethin lol and someone told me you went shopping at goodwill lol your like pretty lame lol

Asshole: Hey, douchebag, if this earring was in my right ear you might be onto something but it's not..and at least I'm not a fucking walking billboard with a tapout hat and dickies with a famous tattoo on my chest, I mean seriously are you fucking retarded, and I'm not the one who got too drunk at the football game and made out with the quarterback in the bathroom.

Douchebag: Uhhh errr what the fuck that was like 3 years ago u fuckin asshole...

Asshole: That's right.
by dontbesohardontheassholes November 16, 2009
1. The opening of the anus.
2. A jerk
1. My asshole hurts.
2. You are such an asshole, Dylan.
by Stuckinthe90s January 20, 2009
a guy who insists on messing with the wrong people.
Jungle Jim from A101 is a total Asshole, you see that crap he started with those guys???
by Mookbuster December 21, 2006
People that can't appreaciate all kinds of music no matter what genre.

Backed up all though music history.And from my expirences in the late 90's and 2000 years.People that will just fucking mess with you for liking one band or singer they don't.
Me: I like pop,rap,punk,country etc.
Them: Shut the fuck up!That kind of music sucks!
Me: Assholes! Why do you have to ruin everything good about music in general.
by kizzelly June 02, 2004

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