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a badass person who pisses you off and most refered as a dick or a dickhead.
¨god,mike is such a asshole.¨
by girl456 July 01, 2009
dumb, stupid, mean, obnoxious fool.
girl #1: he's such an ass hole..
girl #2: all boys are ass holes.
girl #1: ..true...
by final lion April 29, 2007
To fuck some one in the ass.
He wants to ass hole you.
by Judge dredd7 August 10, 2011
dylan and kachina
wow your such a dylan becuase your an asshole!
by abcdefg-12345 October 23, 2010
Any guy who doesn't do, or buy EVERYTHING, that his wife, girlfriend or mistress tells him to do / asks him for.
GF : oh wow look at this dress! only 300 bucks? Can you but it for me honey?
BF: what's the occasion?
GF: There isnt one? You should want to.
BF: Oh. Well, I don't
GF OMG, you're such an asshole!
by The Mad Hatter 55 September 23, 2010
Short for a rude person who is like:

A Souless Santa Hating On Leprechaun Ectoplasm
You don't like my ectoplasm?? your like asshole.
by Saturdayz July 13, 2009
Usually an exit-only hole on the body. But fists, dicks, and feet fit nicely there.
"I'm gonna fist your asshole"
by Hammer2003 October 30, 2007
Hole in your ass where the shit comes from.
Whats that hole in your ass?

Its asshole!
by Hole in the ass August 19, 2007