a badass person who pisses you off and most refered as a dick or a dickhead.
¨god,mike is such a asshole.¨
by girl456 July 01, 2009
1. A term of endearment most commonly used in the tactical/self defense community.
2. Someone who really knows their field of expertise and may seem abrupt to those that did not expect to get their gear dirty.
That (insert favorite instructor) is an asshole. He really knows his shit!
by multicam_cowbell April 28, 2015
Someone who is being a jerk for no reason.
"She is such an asshole
by Cassandra Bitch March 02, 2015
1:The hole in your ass that shit comes out of

2:Someone being a general dick

3:Gay people shove there penises up other gays assholes
1:The asshole is located in between your ass cheeks
2:Asshole:Hey you fagget I just killed you on cod you little fugget

3:The asshole is located in between your ass cheeks which gay people fuck each other in there
by MoonieHD February 18, 2015
Jacob Carlson
Born October 27, 1997
Person: Why is that kid wearing fuzzy socks and yelling at everyone?
Another Person: Because Jake Carlson is an asshole
by skippppppppppppppppy February 11, 2015
An Eminem song in which he states that everybody knows that he's just an asshole
Everybody knows that Eminem is just an asshole.
by Awesomicus February 05, 2015
The pure and exact description of a cat
Wow I love playing with my asshole.
by Ninjacringa January 08, 2015
A person who is supposed to give a shit about you but doesn't.
My abusive father is an asshole.

shit nofuckstogive fuckless asshole shithole
by götterdämmerung December 23, 2014
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