a badass person who pisses you off and most refered as a dick or a dickhead.
¨god,mike is such a asshole.¨
by girl456 July 01, 2009
1. Somebody who is irreverent, creative, and funny, and who highlights what a goose-livered looser pansy you are to your girlfriend.

2. Someone socialist fuck-wits want to beat to death after interment in a goolag.
That asshole fucked my girlfriend and made me realize that I am a pathetic nothing waste of a human with no heart, soul, creativity or beauty. That asshole, and all assholes, need to be purged, so that my girlfriend, and maybe lots of other women, have no choice but to be with me.
by Edmundo Daudi March 15, 2010
a complete dick usually named Jordan or David
likes to think hes a playa but gots no game!
"dude did you see what that asshole did!"
'yeah i think his name is jordan/david'
by asianessandwhiteness August 22, 2009
A perfect word to use when somethings bad or gross.
1. It smells like asshole.
2. It looks like asshole.
3. You are an asshole.
by LINDIEE August 06, 2008
a person who does things to make other peole mad such as not talking to their girlfriend
Kevin s. is an asshole
by bryan 454642156478 November 13, 2007
The common name used for a character in World Of Warcraft who also goes by Shadinaxx.
"OMG, Shadinaxx is such an asshole!"
by dweezle April 16, 2007
some punk ass cock sucking bastard mother fucker who talks through his pansy ass and doesnt have the bollucks to get an erection without viagra. The loser son of a bitch wanker often doesnt live very long.
That fucking queer down the street is such a fucking asshole, he caught me banging his mom.
by JasonBriggs December 09, 2006
1. the hole which is in the middle of your ass

2. a complete douchebag, or idiot
1. that gay douche fucked his boyfriend in his asshole!

2. you're such an asshole.
by coltron September 06, 2006

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