Where many people like to stick it in a girl.
I fucked her up her ass.
by WaSSuP November 17, 2003
A dumb card came played by bored kids. See Uno.
Damn man, i'm bored. Lets go down to Ian's and play some asshole.
by T. Orevelo! September 27, 2005
Someone that acts like an ass
Bill is acting like an ass
by Dustin "SkiNNy" Trimper April 29, 2005
Someone who annoys me.
The fuck are you looking at?! ASSHOLE!
by Penis November 26, 2004
A derogatory term used to address a person who isn’t worth shit. The hole in which shit comes out of, thus not even shit wants to be associated with it. The hole in which the filth of society is born from.
1.) My son can't do shit right, he's an asshole.

2.) Don't raise your voice at me asshole.

3.) What's wrong with you asshole!

4.) Jack: Honey, I'm home! Where's supper?

Lucy: Sorry I didn't think you'd be home so soon! Let me start fixing it for you.


Lucy: ...
by elburro90 June 25, 2014
someone who thinks they know everything about music and goes on urban dictionary to argue with people about which artist sucks and who doesn't suck. Any decent human being (aspecially a self proclaimed "metal head") would not care about what other people think about the music they listen to. When you try to defend the band you like it makes you appear weak and makes everybody else who likes that band look bad. When you talk shit about a band you dont even listen to its just making hate inderectly which is some pussy shit. give it a rest and live with the fact that there are people out there who like different music than you. FASCIST PIGS!
asshole1:omfg i love a7x!!!!! they rawk!
asshole2: a7x sux big time dick fuck you
asshole1: stfu a7x is the best band evaaaaaa!
asshole2:thats not even metal and ur probly like 10 years old
asshole1:no waaaaaaaaa!
ME: BOTH OF YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP! so fuckin annoying...
by YouCanAllSuckIt December 10, 2010
1. The cavity of ones Anus
2. Someone who acts tough and thinks everyone like them when in fact everyone thinks they are a tool
3. Justin Bieber.
Man Nick Is such an asshole (2) he really like the asshole(1) of the asshole (3)
by Lhorath November 06, 2010
1.A name you would call someone whom you strongly dislike such as a mother-in-law or an ex-boyfriend.


3.The location where the penis is inserted during butt sex.

4.Annoying people on the highway whom cut you off.

5.Any hole on a donkey.

6.The puckered up hole by which your shit comes out.
1."He's already got a new girlfriend? We've only been broken up for a week! ASSHOLE."

2. Doctor: "Well your asshole looks pretty healthy..."

3. "He fucked my asshole so hard last night man, I swear I'll never shit the same.

4. "Did you just see that asshole cut me off?!"

5. "Give the donkey the apple" "I don't want to go anywhere near that asshole!"

6. plop....plop....ploppppppppppppppppp.......
by labeast8D July 12, 2009

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