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1. Sphincter/anus/rectum
2. An annoying/abrasive person
3. My geography teacher
1. After sitting on that cold park bench for so long, his asshole was so numb he accidentally sh*t in his pants.
2. That guy is such an asshole!
3. My geography teacher is a pedophile/asshole.
by IluvB123 March 04, 2005
439 188
Short for a rude person who is like:

A Souless Santa Hating On Leprechaun Ectoplasm
You don't like my ectoplasm?? your like asshole.
by Saturdayz July 13, 2009
1 5
Usually an exit-only hole on the body. But fists, dicks, and feet fit nicely there.
"I'm gonna fist your asshole"
by Hammer2003 October 30, 2007
4 8
Hole in your ass where the shit comes from.
Whats that hole in your ass?

Its asshole!
by Hole in the ass August 19, 2007
3 7

When an asshole is so proficient at being an asshole it becomes art.
Franks exhibition of assholery at the company christmas party has become legend.
by David Beasley September 12, 2006
4 8
asshole is an outlet for poo poo and and a inlet for gay also can be a term for nasty peoplelike mewho bash on gay fucks...
man,what an asshole...
by raz master September 07, 2006
11 15
AKA "The other vagina."
"She was on the rag so i had to put it in her asshole."
by CRichards July 28, 2006
10 14
the place near the buttox where your shit comes out
OH MY GOD DEAR..... shit is coming out of my asshole
by Robbie Savacool June 24, 2005
10 14