1. Sphincter/anus/rectum
2. An annoying/abrasive person
3. My geography teacher
1. After sitting on that cold park bench for so long, his asshole was so numb he accidentally sh*t in his pants.
2. That guy is such an asshole!
3. My geography teacher is a pedophile/asshole.
by IluvB123 March 04, 2005
1. A douchebag
2. The part of your body that makes you feel guilty when you get pleasure from touching it during masturbation
1. My boss is a complete asshole
2. help me /b/, does this make me gay?
by $chan November 01, 2008
A perfect word to use when somethings bad or gross.
1. It smells like asshole.
2. It looks like asshole.
3. You are an asshole.
by LINDIEE August 06, 2008
a person who does things to make other peole mad such as not talking to their girlfriend
Kevin s. is an asshole
by bryan 454642156478 November 13, 2007
The common name used for a character in World Of Warcraft who also goes by Shadinaxx.
"OMG, Shadinaxx is such an asshole!"
by dweezle April 16, 2007
1. the hole which is in the middle of your ass

2. a complete douchebag, or idiot
1. that gay douche fucked his boyfriend in his asshole!

2. you're such an asshole.
by coltron September 06, 2006
v. to run into the vehicle in front of you
Keep your eyes on the road, Dan, you nearly assholed that guy.
by King D. July 27, 2006
A dumb card came played by bored kids. See Uno.
Damn man, i'm bored. Lets go down to Ian's and play some asshole.
by T. Orevelo! September 27, 2005

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