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when dumb girls that are mad try to insult you and fail to do so by being too dumb to type and make a typo. and then whoever their are insulting precedes to laugh at their failure making them more mad.
jr "get over it u worry too much ur gonna die before me and im older than u"

rina "dont tell me to get over it. ur an asshoke"

jr" haha im an asshoke lol"

rina "asshole*"
#asshole #botch #bitch #nice #fucker
by jr15 October 19, 2009
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A combination of the words ass and choke. This is a term to describe a situation where someone who is so stupid, you want to choke them by their asshole.
Lou: that guy Chris is an idiot.
Buzz: Totally. If he were here, I'd asshoke him.
#ass #choke #squeeze #strangle #stupid #idiot
by RiddyTX June 10, 2015
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