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the out come of a practice of wearing something sphincterally tight around one's head, cutting off the blood flow and dramatically lowering social skills.
"Barry you ass-hat, what did you do that for"
by MyMateSue October 29, 2005
1. A hat that one wears on their ass.
2. A hat that looks like an ass.
That ass-hat is as big as J-Lo's ass
by lefty7448 February 10, 2008
Less Than Three

What guys think the Heart symbol in chatting is. <3
Jen: I <3 You

Mike: What? Why do you ass-hat me?
by GX2 April 19, 2005
The @ designated for a chatroom operator.
Someone asshat me!
by DocPC July 31, 2003
A white chicks big ass that can sit on your face also called any Ass-hat or Cunt-cap is when a girls cunt is then placed on the males head like a hat.
1) Mark your mother is a real big ass-hat...
2) Man did you see that white girls Cunt-Cap it was sooo tight and wet god damn.
by Nigger butt plug October 27, 2008
A device used to retain faeces in the anus. Comes in a variety of colours and brands, and can be used to stash faeces in readiness for a "Turd Twister".
Wear your ass hat with pride.
by haze January 17, 2004
tattoo above the ass-crack. Generally found on women.
When she leaned over, her shirt pulled up in the back revealing her ass-hat.
by stanger February 23, 2004