1. (adjective) used to describe someone who has pissed you off.

2. (noun) A type of formalwear worn on the buttox of a man or women during sex. )see also top hat)

3. Martha Stewart after and before her prison break.
1. Merv is such an asshat! He sunk my yacht with a stick of dynamite!

2. Alex put on his asshat as he was mounting Gary for the first time.

3. Martha sold her IMCLONE stock and she went to jail. The asshat then proceeded to break out.
by Raccooninabox July 01, 2006
Someone who has already had there ass kicked so hard it's over thier head.
Originated in the Clint Eastwood movie "Outlaw Josie Wales" where a union officer tells one of the rebels : "Get back in line boy or I'll kick you so hard you'll be wearing your ass for a hat!" Hence if you have had your ass kicked you are an asshat.
by Diego Jones September 27, 2006
1)An artical of anal headwear.
2)an asshole.
a."you, sir, are an artical of anal headwear!"

b."wait I'm an asshat?"
by Gm Tecol June 12, 2006
A term to be used in lieu of asshole, dickwad, etcetera. Generally used in regards to a friend of yours, but it can also be aplied to stangers when extreem ass-hattery is being carried out.
Damn, Bush is such an ass-hat.

Joey, stop trying to trip people, you're being an ass-hat.
by Imragweed December 24, 2008
A humorous derogetary term often used amongst friends meaning a hat worn on the ass (arse, bum, bottom etc)
pass me the remote you asshat
by maxnewt June 30, 2006
1. A person or persons that display ass like qualities.

2. An ass that someone wears as a hat i.e you have some ones head up your ass.

3. A hat that someone wears on their ass i.e a raging butt pirate

4. A guy named Burgh in CT who practices asshatery.

2+2 does not equal 7 you ass-hat!

Get over here and keep my rear warm you ass-hat!

That guy is the boss's ass-hat.

Burgh you are a giant ass-hat!
by BlackboyT November 16, 2007
One who is clueless, moronic, and unworthy of attention. But ia a perpetual attention whore.
'Current President Obama is an absolute 'Ass-Hat'.
by abigguy July 25, 2009

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