ass hag is a type of person who likes to insult people and when they are being insult they get offended
Kathrine is such an ass hag!!!

Kathrine gets so offended easily but when she insult people it doesnt bother her conscience. That's an ass hag!!!
by a$$hag January 15, 2012
Top Definition
1.someone being an jackass but worse.
also with a trait of ugliness.

2.Someone fronting without the ability to front.
1.Urinal: morb loves the fatties! lol!
V23: quit being an asshag and stop teasing him about it!

2.Bush talking about devotion of soldiers in major conflicts.

3.Carnage is an asshag!
by JTZ September 30, 2004
Someone who likes to compliment people, but sadly not to his/her face.
That Ass Hag needs to grow a pair and say it to her face!
by SingingFighter February 01, 2012
some one who acts stoopid to get a ttention.
megan is such an ass hag
by Ash September 24, 2004
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