To orgasm, from the anus
Men in prison have "assgasms" when raped with nightsticks
by CommunistWithAGun December 27, 2003
Top Definition
An orgasm achieved from anal stimulation.
Ben: Can girls have assgasms?
by sterlingheights September 11, 2005
an orgasm stimulated by penetration of the ass.
my girlfriend just had an ass-gasm
by Kerndog October 26, 2003
Involantary spasm of the prostate gland as a result of anal exploration!
I accidentally shoved my thumb up my arse whilst speed wanking and had what i can only describe as an 'Assgasmmmm'
by Danny Desuza November 02, 2009
An orgasm brought about by anal sex.
Tom: Did you like how I f*cked you in the ass?
Cindy: Yeah, you totally made me assgasm.
by BritishBanter July 05, 2016
When You are penetrating the ass of your partner and they suddenly shit all over your penis.
Man:Did you hear about mike and his new girlfriend?
Friend: No what Happened?
Man: He was having anal sex with his girlfriend and she had an Ass-Gasm all over his dick. It was Great.
by P-fo Fo Sho 18 September 30, 2009
During Anal sex the party giving will ejaculate in the other. When the party receiving has their orgasm and the semen drains from their hiney that's an "Assgasm".
"Dude, i fucked Courtney so hard last night, she had an Assgasm!"
"Hey that happened to me and George!"

"What the fuck?!"
by SprinkleTits01 August 05, 2011
The euphoric sensation associatted with anal sphincter contractions experienced after having an exceptionally large bowel motion.
John: ' I just did the biggest turd of my life.'
Sally : 'Assgasm?'
John ' Oh yeah.'
by arssia January 27, 2011
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